Personal Pathways: High School Diploma

At RBIS we understand that not every student can achieve in the academic stream of A levels, and some do not wish to embark on the more vocational route of BTEC. RBIS has a specially designed High School diploma course which will enable students to learn academically rigorous subjects, without the higher level pressures of A level examinations.


Who can complete the High school Diploma?

The High School Diploma has been designed primarily for Thai national students who do not have the English proficiency levels to fully access the higher level grade questions of A levels. It is not suitable for students who are unable to read, write and speak Thai at a proficient level.


What is the structure of the High School Diploma?

The high School Diploma has been designed to incorporate the higher level teaching of a level, along with core subjects and community responsibilities. The course is broken down across two years of study and consists of five major subject components:

Compulsory subjects:
  • Thai
  • English Competence

In addition to these students can choose three option subjects from the subject list below:




Business studies






Media studies

Digital Media and Design


All students must also take part in Community Service, Activity and Leadership, as well as Physical Education. These components give students a holistic approach to their sixth form education and allow prepares them for international programmes in Thai universities and foundation courses at universities abroad.


How is the High School diploma Assessed?

Unlike the A level, BTEC, IB and GED, the High School Diploma is 100% internally assessed. This means that students are able to learn higher level subject content which is broken down into regular assessments so students are fully aware of their GPA. There are no external exams and so students are able to complete courses with more time than traditional exam subjects.


How is it different to A levels or GED?

The A level qualification is highly regarded in Thailand and internationally, and so the High School Diploma is not a qualification that can be used in the same breadth. However, it has been designed by RBIS and certified by the Ministry of Education as a rigorous award that will allow Thai students a Diploma with a GPA that gains them entry into Thai Universities on top international programmes of study.

The GED is a high school equivalency but is not well regarded by universities, it is designed for mature student who missed out on a high school education, and not students of sixth form age. The High School Diploma offers pupils a chance to learn A level material face to face with teachers, and offers them the opportunity to develop their independent learning and critical thinking skills for university.