These past few months have been very challenging for our school and I am sure for most of the international schools in Bangkok. Severe weather and pollution levels meant we had to keep our students indoors and amendments had to be made to events and outdoor  activities.

As soon as the weather conditions improved, we faced the health crisis caused by the COVID 19 virus. I believe that challenging times bring school communities together and I am very proud of the way our school community has supported the school during these trying times.

With directives and policy coming from Government Ministries and advice from our professional association of international schools in Thailand, the past three weeks have been challenging  as we regularly communicate to parents on various issues related to the current health crisis.

RBIS parents and the wider community have been diligent in seeking guidance from the school and supporting us in so many ways.

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our parents for their patience and commitment.

This past week all our teachers have been preparing a digital learning platform so that teaching and learning can continue in case of a possible school closure ( if the COVID 19 crisis continues).

The RBIS community can be confident that the school will continue to provide a quality programme in a traditional or digital platform.

Thank you again for your support and it is with great pride that I have observed our students, parents and staff demonstrating diligence, fortitude and collaboration as we face the current crisis.

Dr Bruce Robinson

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