Give your family the reassurance of certainty in an uncertain world.

The international education world in the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19 is a complex and difficult place for students and families to manage.

For the many students who routinely travel to other countries for first language English schooling, the extended reality of travel-bans and quarantine requirements raise the painful prospect of a loss of learning that cannot be replicated virtually.

It remains an unclear situation how overseas schools are reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, the restrictions they will have to operate under, and if schools will be allowed to remain open as future waves of infection sweep around the globe.

No matter how careful the plans, schools may have to close again – as abruptly happened in Beijing this month following a new outbreak of the coronavirus.

Added to onsite considerations, for many students around the world getting to and from school is the most dangerous part of the day, as students face travel crowds with very little social distancing arrangements. This is the part of the day where there is the biggest chance of getting infected.

It is the most natural thing in the world that parents will be really concerned and want their children home in a time of pandemic. Travelling is difficult, and even if you could travel, travelling is not very safe,

Many students and their families have taken positive and proactive choices to continue education at international schools closer to the safety of home, buying in to services that are compatible to their learning and examination programs overseas. These students are determined they will not be a lost generation.

One of the first choices for these families are schools such as RBIS Bangkok.

In keeping with the educational experiences and programs that students have accessed overseas, the school delivers a balanced curriculum and teaching that equips students with the skills and qualifications to enter, or re-enter the British education system at school, college or University level. Added to this, students benefit from a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and strong academic counselling and welfare support for well-being during this time of challenge.

Give yourself the certainty of a quality education that prepares your family for the challenges and opportunities of the new world we all face.

1. Pre-IGCSE examination preparation programmes (14 years of age)

2. IGCSE examination studies (15 and 16 years of age)

3. Advanced ‘A’ level and BTEC Studies Programmes (17 and 18 years of age)

Talk to our Academic Counselling Team and Examination Officers to match your existing studies to the opportunities offered here.

Talk to our Finance Team to explore the opportunities of short- and

medium-term financial arrangements, as the world settles to the new normal of life coexisting with COVID.

Talk to our Admissions Team to discover the advantages of a British and international education here at home in the safety of Bangkok, and the flexibility on offer at RBIS.

In an uncertain world, give yourself the certainty of immediate access to educational systems and standards that you already know and appreciate, and that are known and appreciated by others all over the world.