First Step to Success - Workshop for Early Years and Primary

The first steps from the safety of home to the exciting world of school are the most important that a child will ever take.

For those families going through these developments for the first time, or for those considering the positive choice of an international educational setting, our Parent Conference 2019 brings together a team of experienced educators and interested parents under the banner of “First Steps for Success.”

This exciting morning of talks and workshops offers you the opportunity to:

  • listen to experienced professionals talk on key themes regularly discussed with families of this age, 
  • ask your important questions of the presenters and to participate in valuable discussions
  • meet and greet other very similar families considering the same important decisions
  • turn theory in to best practice by visiting the classroom of RBIS to meet students and teachers

We believe that every child is a unique and special learner, and the most precious gift a family can be given. 

As families consider the important first choice of school the options are many and varied. 

Our conference starts with Dr. Bruce Robinson Headmaster of RBIS leading work on the advantages presented by the British, American and International Baccalaureate (I.B.) educational systems. In a lifetime of service to the educational profession, Dr. Robinson had led and managed schools of all three of these key international systems and is ideally placed to briefly share the similarities and differences that each of these diverse options offers to your child’s education.

For many families investing in international education in the wonderfully cosmopolitan city of Bangkok, the huge advantage given to young people growing up confident in a second or third language is a key factor in school choice.

In our second conference workshop educational specialists passionate about English language teaching for young children, share experiences common to the schooling of the youngest learners. The stages of language acquisition, the opportunities and challenges of language learning, and the eventual triumph and success of the bilingual and trilingual learner. The later part of the conference morning gives an ideal opportunity to see this language learning in successful and practical application in the classrooms. 

Hand in hand with academic learning in the international education sector comes the nurture of essential life and social skills. Children learn social skills through experiences with peers, examples and instructions from their parents, and time with adults in school. These are the skills that will allow your son or daughter to successfully deal with others in positive and healthy relationships.

In our final conference session, we will consider what families should expect of the school environment; how important adult partnerships can be established and maintained between the family and school, and what is that ‘perfect’ child going to be like? 

Having worked together on these key areas, conference participants will have an opportunity for further discussion with the workshop leaders, and most importantly to visit the classrooms of the school to see the theory turned in to the best of educational practice.


Parents considering their first choice of educational provider, and the options provided by international education, are warmly invited to join us for this exciting morning of learning together. 

This is the most important investment you will ever make, so take the time to learn more and make the best decision you will ever make. 

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