Digital Citizens of RBIS - a must have skill for the 21st Century

January 20, 2021

Virtual learning has become our safe haven during pandemic and continues to provide meaningful holistic education to our future generation. Adopting virtual learning is the new normal and to keep the educators and students  engaged and active. Technology has played a vital role for seamless transition from classroom setup to on  screen learning. The students at RBIS are true examples of Digital Citizens. The use of technology has been integrated into their everyday learning process at RBIS, that made students switch to virtual  learning easy and quick. The students are expert users of GSuite and other various learning platforms that are adopted across the curriculum.

The main challenge of online learning is giving the students the feel of classroom discussion and Whiteboard. These have been substituted by adopting software platforms like LiveBoard or JamBoard to make teaching and learning not limited to video calling. Online Teaching and learning at RBIS is a   blend of  video call using Google Meet and the  use of  real time whiteboard which acts as a Canvas for teachers and students.The use of interactive whiteboard and google classroom have made possible to have classroom discussions. This has helped to build up an “online relationship”.

Learning modalities are applied in delivery of the content and to  effectively  engage the students. The ample use of visual tools like videos, online drawing boards   are  planned for each lesson and  teaching is not limited to traditional forms of learning  through lectures.

Our learning is not only limited to the respective lesson. Using an online platform has given access to our  students with  24/7 assistance and built strong relationships for which RBIS is known for. We continue to make a valuable contribution to the student’s life in normal classroom set-up  or through a virtual environment.

In Year 7, the students are learning about Data transmission and Error checking. It is part of the computer science curriculum. The lesson was taught using LiveBoard and Google meet. The effective use of technology in online learning helps students to learn effectively and remain engaged throughout the lesson. The students took turns to answer questions and thereafter had to complete the worksheet which was posted in their google classroom. End of lesson worksheet helps in formative learning assessment and gives an opportunity to assess how well students learned.