On Monday 7th October representatives of RBIS took part in the Eco Beasts Community Action Day. The Eco Beasts vision:

Every school in Bangkok is a model of sustainability, developing students into future leaders who make responsible, environmentally conscious choices to help drive the transition to a sustainable society.

Their mission:

To unite schools under the Global Goals by providing localised resources on global environmental issues, enabling child-led action and driving positive systemic change. Connecting communities through events and facilitating educational workshops to make Bangkok a greener and cleaner city. We hope our action will INSPIRE Others to do the same. 

Whilst at the day there were a number of different company’s and projects which provided insight into what they do and how RBIS can become involved. These initiatives are something that RBIS is eager to engage as part of our Round Square and SDG goals.  At RBIS we already are involved with Precious Plastics, Trash Hero’s and we are also collecting clothing items to donate to the Second Chance Charity in Bangkok, with fantastic success. We want to continue the hard work that the teachers, students, parents and the community are putting in and develop new and exciting opportunities for all to become involved. Let’s make RBIS the most sustainable school in Bangkok!

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