Application Process

Step 1 – Visit to the school
The first step is to arrange a visit to the school to meet with the admission officer who will take the family for a tour around the school and answer any questions. An application form will need to be completed for each child with the supporting documents attached.
Supporting documents:
  • A photocopy of the pupil’s passport and/or other official documents certifying nationality.
  • A transcript/report, in English, of academic performance from the student’s previous school (as a minimum this should be for the previous 12 months).
  • A letter of reference from the school previously attended which gives us more information on academic potential, sociability, participation in school activities, etc.
  • A photocopy of a currently valid residence permit.
Step 2 – The assessment
Students will be interviewed by the Headmaster and proposed class placement will be shared at this time. Secondary candidates will sit for the Cat 4 test and Primary candidates will sit for the CEM tests from Durham University. These assessments are purely diagnostic and will allow educators to determine the academic standard, the degree and type of support required (if relevant) and provides a baseline from which we can then measure progress.
Step 3 – Application review
The applications are reviewed taking into consideration the English Language proficiency, admission test/academic ability and availability of places. If the application was successful a written confirmation will be sent to the family with in the next 48 hours.
Step 4 – Enrolment
Once the offer has been made the family should complete and return the letter of acceptance within 2 weeks. The enrolment and tuition fees should be settled by the due date on the invoice.