An environmentally-friendly school By Lilly Khaokham

November 4, 2019

Eco Club

A new lunchtime activity has been introduced to give the young environmentalists of our school a stronger role in the ways we give our world a helping hand. As of recently, the children have been sending out powerful messages, persuading the people of our school to protect our environment with beautiful hand-made posters, with their knowledge on hydro-electricity and the causes of water overuse. 


Round Square @ RBIS

Furthermore, there have been many different events and activities throughout the school term which show the IDEALS we follow from Round Square. For example, we have been collecting in plastic bottles and bottle caps that children may have at home, hoping to achieve 100,000 bottle caps by the end of the year (some may even be used in our Eco Club next week!) These bottle caps are then melted down and reused to make different things by Precious Plastics who we are working with to achieve a more preferable use of plastic.

This follows Round Square’s policy of environmentalism; a policy where students demonstrate an understanding in the interdependence between the world and human beings, whilst taking practical steps towards the struggles that the planet is facing daily.


School-wide Initiatives

The school is taking part in upcycling as clothes have been gathered from every year group, ready to be donated to the Second Chance Bangkok organisation who are ready to recycle, reuse and renew our old clothes. These clothes will go to a better home or be used to create new, excellent products as Second Chance Bangkok makes it possible for you to get involved and increase sustainable employment along with helping people who are in need. 

One of the newer aims of the school is to improve our gardens and introduce a brand-new vegetable patch which would promote sustainability as these vegetables could be used for our children daily. Sustainability is an important topic which we have talked about constantly throughout the term, as the children explore the many ways we could protect our environment. 


School for the future 

Recently, the movement ‘Fridays for Future’ has been in the news as a 16-year-old Swedish activist named Greta Thunberg has been going on strike every Friday outside of the Swedish parliament. This movement has gone on to spread all over the world as there are now strikes occurring in 117 countries worldwide because of the belief that school is becoming pointless as there is no reason to study if there is no future. 

In Bangkok, an 11-year-old girl named Lilly Satidtanasarn is said to be “Thailand’s Greta Thunberg” as she has meetings with different companies, trying to persuade them to stop using plastic bags whilst also taking part in the strikes. 

This shows how important it is as a school to take on an active role in seeking solutions and considering the impact that we have on the environment, working alongside the children in making their future better.